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Located in a heritage site in the heart of Muscat, Rainforest Restaurant is one of the hottest tourist destinations of its kind, and a very exciting place for food lovers. This unique outlet is one of the most realistic and adventurous journeys through an indoor rainforest, artificially created in this part of the world.

Walk through the amazingly lush green surroundings, cascading waterfalls and more than real trees and rich green foliage. As you enter the main restaurant, be ready to get engulfed by a thick layer of fog and dreamy mist which will instantly cool you down, transforming you to a world beyond your imagination.

In the far background, the constant chirping of birds, and the singing of peacocks will serve as a welcome change from your mundane life and give you the right kind of break. Just when you are about to savour our delicacies, with a menu influenced by cuisines as far and wide as Asia, Europe and Mexico…lightening strikes, followed by thunder, then rain and more rain…and an adventure that never ends has just started Complimenting this out of this world theme restaurant is another eatery in the complex called ‘Lazeez’ which serves sumptuous Indian and Arabic food. For those curry and lamb lovers, this is the right place for a sumptuous meal.

Looking to host a business meeting ? Corporate Club is the place to be, accommodating 15 to 20 people comfortably at a given time this hall is ideal for hosting small business delegations and clients. Corporate Club can also be booked for exclusive birthday parties.

Well, we have not forgotten the kids. Foton World is the place for them to unwind offering a host of video and electronic games. The bumper boats splashing in the water are an added attraction for kids of all ages!

This restaurant complex is equally popular amongst the locals in Muscat as well as foreign tourists and business clients, some of who drive all the way from Dubai to bask in the energizing and invigorating environment of the ‘Rainforest Restaurant’.

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