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Liquid Orals
Dry Powder For oral Suspension
more than 900 million units/annum
more than 300 million units/annum
more than 12 million bottles/annum
more than 7.5 million tubes/annum
more than 7.5 million bottles/annum

We care
As a responsible corporation, Oman Pharmaceutical Products firmly believes that maintaining ecological balance is as important as business achievements and that success is not acceptable at the cost of disturbing the environment.

The plant is landscaped with trees and green lawns to provide maximum safety and environmental protection to the personnel as well as to the surrounding environment. The emissions and effluents are treated in elaborately designed filters and effluent treatment plants as per local and international guidelines.

With precision control measures, the plant aims to achieve zero emission levels and also to neutralize waste through proper treatment and disposal methods, thereby ensuring a clean, green and safe environment.

Some insight into our plans:

  1. The plant has already received the approval from the MOH (Ministry of Health) to go ahead with its R&D and QC departments.

  2. OPP has tie-ups with IPL, Switzerland and Elder Pharmaceuticals (India) for technological support.

  3. OPP has three dedicated sections for hormones, antibiotics and general medicine.

  4. OPP is continuing its research in the study of ‘lifestyle diseases’ and will be concentrating on chronic medication for CVS, Diabetes, GIT and pain management.

  5. OPP has a production capacity to manufacture 900 mio tablets, 300 mio caps, 19.5 mio bottles and 7.5 mio ointment tubes in one single shift. This capacity can be raised by two to three times as per requirements.

  6. The entire GCC pharmaceutical market is estimated at about USD 2 billion and OPP is aiming to capture a slice of this market.

  7. OPP is an ultra modern pharmaceutical plant designed to conform to the latest USFDA, UKMCA and EU standards. The thought process from the conceptualization stage was to be a global pharmaceutical player.

  8. OPP has placed a lot of emphasis on Quality Control, and has taken all possible steps to ensure that its products strictly match world regulatory standards. With this aim, we have invested heavily in the latest QC equipments like computerized HPLC’s, GC’s, UV Spectrophotometers.

  9. Our present plant has enough scope for expansion and there is adequate space to put up another similar plant. In the first phase of our operations, we are targeting the GCC and neighboring countries, moving onto Africa subsequently. The second phase will cover the EU and highly regulated markets like Australia, NZ and South Africa. In the third phase, we plan to enter the US markets. Throughout all phases, we will be entering and consolidating smaller markets in Asia and Latin America.

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